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August 18, 2013. SUNY PURCHASE, NY- SUNY Purchase Alumnus Milo Rayo was found dead today in a children’s playground AT SUNY Purchase. Though no tangible body was discovered, playground workers found a forty ounce beer and a note that read “Dear Santa, I still want that fucking pink pony. XOXO.”

The 23-year-old victim was still popular amongst students, mostly women, who remember his time spent at the college which he graduated in 2010.

“Milo was always so god damn charming,” Says Helen Polyester, senior Arts Management major. “He really pissed me off sometimes but damn was he a good lover. Made me want to blow him everyday. Which I did. For a month. Best lockjaw I ever got.”

Edward Cullens, Senior Dance Major, said, “Milo was just one of those god damn suave motherfuckers who would steal your boyfriend or girlfriend and somehow through your pain you ended up thanking him for it and liking him even more, even though he left your heart in a million pieces.”

Investigators were in a state of confusion as to his cause of death, as he seemed to suffer no trauma and had plenty to live for, including a high-profile photography job for Magnum, beautiful women falling at his feet, three lexuses, each one color of the American Flag. He had even just won the New York Megamillions jackpot of 400 billion dollars.

So why is he dead?

In a seemingly related note left taped to the most beautiful woman in the world’s nipples, Rayo explained that he wanted to grow up and become a dolphin. Dolphins, he believed, were reincarnated humans who had a duty to protect and enlighten the human race.

In the note, the superstar also posited that heaven and hell both exist on planet Earth, as the varied human experience put some through a hellish life and others through a fantastic one.

Art on The Fence

SUNY Purchase, 2 thousand four 00 and zero 7. Or 9. Purchase is a reknowned art school full of talent, caged by sullen brown brick and an administration with no concern for beauty, or at the least, no coherent knowledge of any of it. Unfortunately, in their attempt to decorate his postmodern contraption, nobody told President Schwartz  that a green fence is no kind of beauty, and worse, in the middle of my path from home to the library. Enter Kristina Colby, Senior Arts Management major, also a professional resident of Westchester county, with aims to hang student work on the fence. The word got to me, leaked by conspiring madmen with aims towards enlightenment but with heads in cages, sometimes formally addressed as the PSGA. I joined on the project, helped promote by telling everyone I could about the project. Almost 96 panels of plywood, ranging from 1’x1′ to 2’x4′ were picked up in the course of 15 seconds.  Some of my closest comrades missed the date but still wanted a panel. But by then, it was too late….

We hung up the artifacts, sightly and unsightly. Here’s proof.

Got my photo in the NYTIMES!

So I got my first photo in the NYtimes!!! It’s in the edlife section about college life. Check out the slideshow here: Edlife Slideshow

It’s a photo of my friend Melissa Ahern music superstar when we went on an adventure in the woods. Here was the original statement I made, they had to shrink it due to space. But I think it says more.

STUDENTS STUMBLE upon the tent in the woods and write their thoughts in a communal travelers log. I took my schoolmate Melissa to this little-known spot to get away, to adventure. She writes a poem about feeling at home here — the feeling of sharing with complete strangers and knowing she is welcome because they have done the same. CAMILO RAYO, Purchase College (SUNY), Class of 2010, arts management major

NYtimes photo

Anti-Homosexual Pride

Today there was a demonstration at my school, SUNY Purchase, protesting homosexuality. One (1) of the Purchase students was on the side of the Christians (he can be seen below, holding a bible with a girl).  The ringleader of the circus was a born again Christian, a fundamentalist, implied that he was once gay and it was a mistake. He made other remarks, saying that homosexuals couldnt love and asking the crowd if they were abused as a child, as he stated, homosexuals are a group who molest kids more often. He was met with overloaded, flooding anger from the student body, who is known for its gay pride. Here are some photographs.

An honest chronology of learning photography

Here is the multimedia slideshow I made. It starts with how I learned to use my camera- taking pictures of the same tree adjusting settings on manual setting, with the book in hand, until I figured them all out. This is the history of my relationship with my very first camera, from when I got it June 6th, 2008, until today, April 15th, 2009. If it seems there is no order in this movie, if its all chaotic- well the order is in the improvement of my technical skill and knowledge of photography, that is the order and connection it flows in. The song is my own also, it’s called layers, because of the way I recording it. I played all the instruments (guitar, bass, drum, piano) for it, arranged, and wrote it. I hope you enjoy!


P.S, the camera is a Canon Digital Rebel XTi, with an 18-55 zoom lens (the one that came with it, the only one I use)

A Majestic Night In Harlem

I recently took pictures of a performance of A Majestic Night in Harlem, a show written and directed by my friend, Jeff Will. I knew he’d have great outfits so I offered to take photos. It’s my first time taking photos of a dance/acting performance, and I’m extremely happy with them.  Here are some, I’ll put up more of the actual performances later. I’m in a rush.

Portrait 1Portrait 2Portrait 3Portrait4Dancer1Dancers1Purple Dancer