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Little Man

Little Man

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Death- If you take a piece of me, take all of me

I keep imagining what it´d be like to be blown up by a landmine. There was a war year a few decades ago, and some landmines still go off some places. Todday I was walking with in La Daria imagining that happening.

I figure, if one goes off on me or near me, It´d rather just all of me go then lose a leg or arm or be blwon half to bits and walk the earth like that. That´d be  no life for me.

Today I met a boy who was born deaf, couldn´t speak,  who was obsessed with my camera. He kept grabbing it and zooming it in and out and screaming in excitement. People were saying how he was crazy, but I told them, anybody would be if they were in a prison like that.  It´s normal he should be like that, and in a way, right with the world. How could he not be different, a bit crazier than the rest of us? A vital form of connecting with other people is missing for him.

Then I started thinking, as he ran around with my camera, what if he learned to use one? That would like his form of speech, of hearing. Or showing others how he say the world, what he liked, in a new way of communicating beyong body language. They say, 90 percent of communication is non verbal. So he´s got that. Photography could be the other, refined, clear, ten percent. It would be interesting to see what happened. I wish I had another camera to give him, even if only a point and shoot.

The radio just turned itself onto a spanish version of ´´the sound of silence´´. I love when those little ironic, or situationally suitable things happen. Me thinking about deaf landmines and a song like that comes on. Whoo!!

My favorite things.