Comparing Two Stories


Today, I had my first job interview. The manager asks me to sell him his pen. Thinking I’m all smart, I reenact the scene from the Wolf of Wall Street and say, ‘Write down your name’. He calmly reaches into his drawer, takes out another pen and writes his name down. He then looks at me and laughs. FML

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 12.05.14 PM

Both are short stories that are effective at placing scenes in the viewers mind. Whereas one comes from a celebrity, the other comes from an ordinary person, however, they both serve a vanity which is familiar to most.

Kanye West is unapologetically in love with himself and I’m like “This fucking guy really thinks like this…” reading it, and the job interview reminds me of those classic “I’ll just do what the cool guy in the movie did and be just as cool” smooth approach that every one attempts at some point in their lives. They are both super funny, Kanye West for being such a mr. mcgoo style humorous-while-delusional simpleton, the fmylife story being a more down to earth kind of vanity of falling on your face while trying to be the coolest that shows its funny in retrospect head in my life a lot. The Fat Jewish commenting on it, and sharing it, evolves the story by highlighting its stupidity, and helps add to the ridiculousness, keeps the story going. This is an example retelling of stories for the social media generation.

I don’t know if Kanye’s story is as directly relatable to everyone, but I think everyone could see that happening in the dream world of Kanye West and that makes it relatable in it’s own successful way. Would I run into my own arms on the beach? I think I would be too concerned with who is out there cloning me and why did they pick me???

Would I try to do what the cool guy did in the movie and get away with it? Everyday if it worked. I watch a lot of movies.


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